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Real Friends in Second Life, No way!

In response to Gregg’s blog on Second Life I think he makes a really great point, we have definitely become a product of technology! I know I am guilty of sending emails when someone is right across the hall from me or sending a text with just a quick message to avoid having a conversation, because lets face it, who has the time for a whole conversation! I do feel that there is a definitely value in human interaction, face time, which we see less and less of these days because people are so busy.  But there is more than just talking or typing that is involved in having a real friendship and building a relationship.  I dont think any technology can ever replace the value of being in front or with someone, face to face.

I wonder what the next 5 years will bring…


Virtual Life & Games

There were enough games to keep me playing all day, and when your unemployed you can do just that…but I had to stop myself! Out of the few games I played, I thought Cake Mania had an interesting concept about starting your own bakery and making the right items for your clientele, you have an amount each day that you need to reach, and its all based on how fast you can make the cakes, but the right cakes for your customers. Speedy Bubbles was boring, kind of like pinball, and my personal favorite, Dress Up Hillary was the most entertaining, but again I don’t think there was much of a message behind dressing her up! If you paste this wardrobe code (see below) into the wardrobe code box, you can see the outfit I put her in for the baseball game!


The range in choices of games out there is just amazing, for example Xtreme Xmas Shopping, and Cold Stone Creamery, which is trying to teach portion control! WOW!

I found the podcast of the journalist from BuisnessWeek to be more interesting than the article, because actually hearing him speak about his experience in Second Life came across differently then the article. You could tell he had not bought into the game and concept completely. Which I think it is very realistic, this whole idea of real life in a game is weird to me. I don’t know what it would take for me to get sucked into something like this, as I am not a gaming type. I was surprised to hear that there were tangible things to gain from this game, like $$$. The one avatar has $250,000 that she could cash out, and that is all she does for a living….play this game, are you kidding! (maybe I should broaden my job search to include Second Life). It was also mentioned that Coke was getting involved in Second Life, some big advertisers are having a presence in this game which means that it must be leaving an impression on someone.