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Iraq War & Web 2.0

To be honest, this weeks assignment of researching the war in Iraq on the web was a good reminder of how lucky we are to be in this country, and regardless of our thoughts on the war, I think we should always support the troops who are over fighting for our safety and our freedom to just live everyday as we always have. I sometimes feel like I am somewhat unaffected by the war, I don’t have any family or good friends that I know over fighting…and I think that makes the war seem very distant for me…as it is not or has not directly effected my life as it has others. But reading some of these blogs of soldiers and watching videos on Youtube, really brought the war to the forefront for me this week. There were so many videos surrounding the war, the troops, I spent hours watching videos. Each capturing something different, but honest.

Web 2.0 has allowed these thousands and thousands of stories that are unbiased and real to surface. Soldiers, citizens, journalists are able to express the reality of the war and the conditions through blogging, and Youtube. More importantly it’s being documented in real time, and directly from the source. The details are often graphic and raw, but this allows the public to take the facts and form their own opinion, not have the opinion already made for them and presented like much of the news we get in mass media today. It was interesting to read through the best military blogs. One of my favorite blogs was SpouseBUZZ, a blog where wives, family members, and friends come together to share stories about their loved ones who have been deployed and the realities of their lives now. They talk about issues that they are all probably facing…for example summer ideas for their kids, because there is only one parent at home when the kids dont have school. The benefits of blogs like this seem huge for the exchange of ideas and support.

The question was posed about blogging being used to rally veterans to oppose the war, and if this was a good thing or not. I actually found this video on Youtube from a Veteran who is speaking out in opposition of the war. I don’t know if I think this is good or bad, part of me thinks that this expression and sharing is what allows these veterans to keep living, they feel they have a duty to tell the truth about what really goes on out there.

Iraq War Veteran Speaks Out

Having this much access to the front line paints a much more graphic picture, a confusing picture, but one that is based on the facts from the true stories of the soldiers, that you can interpret for yourself. This is more real than any other media we have access to, so for that it is good. But where is the line drawn for some of these explicit videos that are posted, I know I watched a few that I thought could have crossed that line.


Culture & Blogging

I found Scoble’s research in Chapter 8 of Naked Conversations to be one of the most interesting topics in blogging thus far. When you think of blogging, even starting your own blog, you think of words like, cheap, easy, no rules…etc. Before reading this chapter and really thinking about blogging on a global level, I figured everyone everywhere was blogging just as much if not more as we are in the United States, but it seems that is not the case. Cultures, values, and governments have kept certain countries from even engaging in blogging, such as Ireland or Germany where their nature is to keep things to themselves, unlike the outspoken French or American way of life. I also would have thought the Asian Countries would be ahead of the game just because they are so tech savvy, but that is not the case with countries like China.

But regardless of the culture there are still similarities among why companies and people are blogging, which mostly centers around customer feedback, criticism, new ideas, and sales.

Did anyone else find it ironic that on pg 127, there was an example of how China’s government erased Mao’s blog because of a joke he posted on April Fools Day 2005…which is exactly 3 years ago today!  This reading was planned very well!