Wikipedia Contribution

Bryson Spinner

I admit that I was intimidated with our project to contribute to Wikipedia this week. I found myself searching for a subject or topic where my thoughts would warrant something worthy of contributing. I went back and forth, searching around and around, until I finally found the perfect contribution. A very good friend of mine, Bryson Spinner, an American football player, a former high school and college star who is still trying to play in the NFL, did not have an article in wikipedia. He is mentioned in other entries, but again had nothing about himself. Spinner has been in large publications such as USA Today and The Washington Post, to smaller college publications like the Cavalier Daily. He is also a topic among sports bloggers on the web.

I know one of the guidelines of wikipedia is to not add your friends, but given his career, and knowing the history behind his career I thought he should be a part of the wikipedia project, and recognized much like his former football colleges.

Creating the entry was challenging, you really have to make sure you reference what you are adding and stick to the truth, to the facts, when contributing. But then again, that is the great thing about edits! I probably would have never made a contribution to wikipedia had I not been forced to dive into it for class. In the end I found that its not so scary after all!


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