Online Friends

I wanted to comment on how entertaining it was to watch Scoble’s Kyte TV piece on “on-line friends.”  He was swearing when his phone started ringing in the middle of his mini lecture!

 Anyways I wanted to recap what he talked about so I have this info saved in a safe place.

An on-line friend is different from a real friend, their not always a close friend, but someone that you want in your social network.   How does Facebook tell if you are a real or fake friend?

1.  Are you participating with each other -sending messages, poking, writing on their wall, looking at photos, reading profile…etc

2.  Activities and Interests, do you have these in common, share the same things

3.  Friend Affinity -how many friends do you have and how many do you have in common with other friends

4.  Location, someone that lives down the street is potentially a better friend than someone in London

5. Messages and Calling -can be tracked when you click and send messages via Facebook

6.  Google feeds, do you have friends on your feeds

7. Applications -do you shared the same apps -do you add an application in close proximity to when your friend adds it also

8.  Events -do you have the same events profile

9  Work -did you work for the same company, similar companies…etc

10.  Other historical details -history, college…etc

Lastly…I never knew there was a limit as to how many friends you could have on Facebook.  Apparently its 5000!


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