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As an advertiser who uses Google Ad Wordsto push traffic to our website and track it, I wanted to comment on what Google has done for businesses trying to decide where to spend their $$$.  Google has found a way to provide tracking information that allows an advertiser to see the actual return on the investment.  Each month I can look at the Ad Group for example “Caruso Brand” and see the number of clicks that it received, the average click per cost amount, which is 0.17 and the total cost for that time period, and its average position -which is 4.1 -this would show up on the first page of the search.  This paid search opportunity has allowed us to reposition ourselves with in the search and be more in the fore-front when people are searching for Caruso, and even more so when they are searching for general terms such as New Homes.  Battelle says “This is the magic of intent-based marketing, it shifts the marketing dollars from the unknown to the knowable.”  Its changing the real-estate industry…its more competitive, if you don’t have the information available on the web that the customer wants, and within 3 clicks…you have lost them.  Studies have shown that 85% of the people have already been on-line to check out your site and product before they ever come into a sales center.  So the easier a customer can find us within the search the better!

 In 2005 Battelle mentioned that the average cost per click amount was 0.50 in 2005, our average CPC today is 0.91. 

Here is another statement of Battelle’s I found interesting -if the WHAT of the search “lies in the beauty and the potential of the search: driven by the unimaginable complexity inherent in human language -nearly infinite combinations of dialects, words, and numbers,” is it imaginable to think that Goggle could provide a “perfect search?”  Trying to provide perfection in any manner is a hard expectation to live up to!  Is this goal good or bad?


One response to “Google Ad Words

  1. Being able to track ad costs and link them to sales is huge. I thought it was great that Battelle called Marketing budgets “the last bastion of unaccountable spending.” Advert and PR dollars are so hard to pin on specific revenue growth, and Google’s AdWords can REALLY help with that. Very nice.

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