Should we be afraid of Google? 

Battelle’s thoughts on pg 203 – best encompasses my opinion on how I viewed Google before I read this book and then how I felt after reading this book! 

“While Google’s public image is that of a sunny company that will never do evil, this policy give the company extraordinary latitude with regard to your personal information.  If Google decides that tracking and acting upon your private information is in its best interest, it can, and it will.”  This is a bit scary!

I had always used Google for my searches, maybe a few years ago I had tried Ask Jeeves, and WebCrawler-but never received the information I was searching for very easy…and have since always used Google.  I wonder if I have been narrow minded in just using Google all these years, as I had no idea the innovations these other search engines had implemented, specifically Yahoo with the “advance search” tool.  And then there was the Top 100 Alternative Search Engine link in our class blog this week!  I am a Googler, it’s a habit, do I have a reason to start using other search engines?

On another note, I thought this was an interesting discussion….When comparing Yahoo to Google and the management approaches of both companies, I wonder if this will have a profound effect on their, growth, success and discovery of the “perfect search?”  Yahoo is quick to delegate authority and responsibility to others, while Google is micromanaging from the top.  From my own working experience, being in a company where its micromanaged by one or two people makes for a very tough working environment.  If you don’t do it their way, then your not doing it the right way…and there are usually may approaches that will get you the right answer.  This environment is tough for employees to work under; I think it makes employees less confident also.  However, I can say that a good friend of mine that works for Google in NYC absolutely loves it, she loves the quality of life the employees have at work -a chef, and outside space…it’s an environment that caters to the well being of its employees. This is something that separates Google from Yahoo and others.

Search as a database of intentions -for better or worse

For better I think if focused on providing the best return of information for the user and not for the purpose of advertising.  I know that I have always had this negative perception of the listings that are advertisements I don’t click on them first because of the simple fact that they are advertisements.  I always go for the organic listing.  The better is yet to come according to Battelle.  “Search is at best 5 percent solved -were not even into the double digits of its potential.”  The more the media changes and our needs change I think the better search will become.   What is a perfect search?  I am not sure that would be the right expectation to set -because I would imagine that most searches are based on reading and looking at multiple sites, gathering different reviews etc -so how can you have a perfect answer to a perfect search?  It kind of takes the searching out of it right?

Google your dog!  Seriously!  The thought that everything will be connected to the web in the future is a bit overwhelming!

Comments on the class blog this week:

There were so many interesting links, I didn’t even know where to start exploring and reading!

The 5 Google tricks, I cant believe you can turn the ads off?  I have never used Google Earth before, but what a amazing tool -and when I went to the fun stuff -the pink bunny and bikinis from the sky…who would have thought…love it! 

When I Google Map my address…I only get my street as opposed to my actual row-house -bummer!

And  lastly Googlonymous is this true, no wonder people are afraid of Google with this kind of site and information out there!


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my Top 100 Alternative Search Engines list. You can see the March 1 update soon on

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