To be honest, I am not very familiar with podcasts, and haven’t really explored all of the different varieties out there.  If I traveled more I might have been more inclined to download podcasts.  This mini-exploration of listening to podcasts this past week, has definitely motivated me to try downloading a few onto my ipod to listen to at the gym.   I thought the mommycast was the most interesting, even though I am not a mom, I listened to the one today regarding germs -and the myths of germs and kids…very informative.  I must share with co-workers that are all moms!  Do podcasts like mommycast, as apposed to Dawn and Drew, have more of an audience following since they really target a certain demographic? 

I thought Ask a Ninja was a bit weird…and twit was okay.   I prefered watching the vlogs like,  webbalert or rocketboom, as they were more interesting,  providing a quick update of the days important headlines.

 Here are the best podcasts from 2007….thought this would be a good place to start downloading a few!


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