We The Media & Cluetrain Manifesto

I wanted to comment on the reading assignments we had last week, since we did not have much time to discuss.  For someone in the marketing field and pretty web savvy…these two books made me feel like I was behind the times, in addition to the company I work for.   I wanted to just stop reading and start blogging…  I think a large part of why I have not done any corporate blogging is due to a generational difference between the CEO/President and the Marketing Dept.   

I never really thought of all the benefits blogging could have on a company.  We pay thousands and thousands of dollars using customer feedback organizations who gather information in surveys etc…and we could actually gather much of this information and more through blogging – and probably more authentic information.  Customers who have problems,  we could respond and take care of their concerns  in a more timely fashion…which has a direct effect on our referral rating!

 One thing I found interesting in “We the Media” was how they compared the web to radio talk networks…they both have participation from the audience.  I would say that news radio and talk radio shows are my second source of media intake, the web being the first, followed by the newspaper/magazines.  Do you think radio talk shows and stations like WTOP will fade with increased use of the web and technolgy…?

Lastly, I was surprised to read that the United States is behind the times in the SMS world!

 Interesting first read…very overwhelming, a bit angry & extreme(cluetrain)…but exciting!


One response to “We The Media & Cluetrain Manifesto

  1. Wow…first of all, I can’t believe you have your own blog! Very advanced. Second, I want to say that no matter how big blogging gets I can’t imagine giving up my talk radio. As interesting and authentic as blogs are, I just don’t always have the time to sit and read them. I enjoy listening to WTOP, BBC, and other satellite broadcast shows while I am making my oh-so-long commute in to work each morning. Now giving up newspapers? That’s another story. I already get most of my information through electronic media, so I could definitely see myself giving up the Post or the Times in favor of reading a blog site.

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