RSS, Really Simple Syndication?

In the last few readings the term RSS has appeared quite often.  In Naked Conversations, it was mentioned that if you were building/launching a new website it should be programed for RSS?  Is this necessary?  How important?  I just launched phase I of our new company website…and posed this question to the agency we work with who is in the process of building phase II.  Is this something I should consider incorporating?  I hope in the next few weeks to learn more about the purpose of RSS.


One response to “RSS, Really Simple Syndication?

  1. Hey- I would have to say yes. This makes your website updates and info more readily available and easier for your clients to access. They will be more in the know, with your business and the businesses they/you are interested in.

    I still think that it is not “Real Simple” though. – KW

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